“Business Oriented Solutions”

With broad perspective and flexible thinking,
we aim to be business-oriented problem solvers.

About Gaien Partners

Gaien Partners opened in April 2020 in offices near the “Kokyo Gaien” - the National Garden adjacent to the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo.
Gaien Partners was originally founded as Tobimatsu Law by Junichi Tobimatsu in 2016. With the addition of three partners, Shin Kikuchi, Satoko Kuwabara and Hisafumi Sato, Tobimatsu Law has transformed into a new partnership under the name Gaien Partners.
In the rapidly changing business and legal environment, we want to assist our clients with business-oriented solutions, drawing on many years of accumulated expertise and knowledge across a variety of practice areas.

Our Strength

Our Expertise and Experience

We have developed expertise from years of experience across a variety of legal practice areas, and we believe that this is our greatest strength. Under a continuously changing business and legal environment, our depth of experience gives us better perspective in assisting our clients to adapt and respond to the issues they face. Our goal is to respond to our clients swiftly and efficiently with practical solutions crafted by professionals with years of real-world experience.

Strength in Dispute Resolution

We have handled multiple complex dispute resolutions in multiple forums, including domestic and multi-national lawsuits and arbitrations, and have a track record of achieving positive results. We believe that our experience and skills in dispute resolution are is a strength that is also important and useful for our work on transactional matters.

Our Network

Through many years of practice, each member of our firm has built a broad network of experts in various fields not only in Japan but also abroad. To meet our client’s needs, we will organize an appropriate team and cooperate with other experts efficiently.

Well Balanced Professionalism

We understand that in the current business environment, our clients desire to take into consideration not only their obligation to comply with the law, but also their broader social responsibility in the global community. We aim to provide well balanced advice as legal professionals, with an understanding of the broader values that are important to our clients.